Funds Request

Do you have an amazing idea, club or classroom activity that will make Cheshire High School even better?

Do you need assistance from the PTO for a CHS program or initiative?

The CHS PTO voted to allocate up to $2,000 to benefit the CHS community above and beyond its normal budget. Initial awards will be limited to $200 per club/class/activity in order to allow awards to multiple groups this year.


Please submit your request details using the form below. It is very important that you provide the amount you are requesting and a detailed description of how your funds will be utilized. Your request will be reviewed and voted on at the next PTO meeting (2nd Wednesday of each month).  You will be notified by the treasurer after the meeting.


Examples of requests may include: start up or supply costs for a club; extra supplies for department classrooms; money toward cost of a field trip. The PTO requires receipts and a summary of funds use.


Faculty / staff members who request money MUST be members of the PTO. If you aren’t a member, you can join and pay online at



The Cheshire High School PTO

Please provide your requested amount and a detailed description below.